“I was impressed and pleased with Jenna’s performance this summer. It was a pleasure to have her at Barton Malow. Not only was she engaging and personable, she did great work. Another of Jenna’s great qualities is her follow through. She didn’t let assignments or questions fall through the cracks. She made meaningful contributions to the company and sought opportunities to learn. She exceeded my expectations. I would not hesitate to hire Jenna for full-time employment.” – Donna Jakubowicz, Supervisor from May-August 2012, Barton Malow Company

“As President, it was a huge relief knowing that I had an awesome team of officers to rely upon to get the job done and done well.  Jenna was an integral part of that team.  As Treasurer, she did an excellent job of managing the fraternity’s funds as well as heading up HUGE fundraising efforts that put our organization on the path to success.  We all could count on her to be an effective, spirited leader who brought great ideas and great energy to whatever she did.” – Josh Thompson, Former President, Gamma Mu chapter, Delta Omicron Professional Music Fraternity

“Jenna serves on the team of ten officers that manage and run the Marching Virginians. She is undoubtedly a standout member of the team, which is quite an achievement given the caliber of the group. Jenna’s organization and communication skills are very strong, but her great spirit, personable manner, and down-to-earth style are what makes her truly exceptional. It’s difficult to imagine a more likable or highly praised member of the band – she is and always has been a model officer, model leader, and model Marching Virginian.” – Cutter Sydnor, Executive Officer, Marching Virginians


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