About Me

My name is Jenna Engle, and I am a senior studying Marketing Management at Virginia Tech. I am an organized, passionate, and driven student with a willingness to learn, outstanding leadership experience, and strong marketing and business skills.

Throughout my time at Tech, I have been an active member of the Marching Virginians serving as a Rank Captain of the Horn section for two years and Treasurer for one. I am an absolute fanatic about all things orange and maroon and love nothing more than cheering for the Hokies football, basketball, and baseball teams.

I have spent the past two summers interning in marketing for Barton Malow, a construction company. I have learned so much from those experiences but have realized that while I am passionate about a lot of things, marketing in the construction industry isn’t one of them. While the industry wasn’t the best fit for me, I did gain valuable experience and knowledge about myself. In 2012, for my summer-long project, I researched the role of collegiate brand ambassadors for product-based companies and applied this concept to the service industry. This strategy has never been applied to the construction industry let alone any other service-based company. I formulated a plan to implement collegiate brand ambassadors specific to Barton Malow and presented my findings to upper-level executives and the HR team. They LOVED my idea, and it is currently in place at five universities that Barton Malow heavily recruits from.

I would love to work for a large company and be in charge of college recruiting. However, I continue to keep an open mind throughout the job-searching process and hope that one day I can bring my enthusiasm, dedication, and marketing experience to your company to help YOU be the best that you can be.

I am very interested in working for a marketing firm of some nature, and after my internship experience, I definitely know that I don’t want to work for a marketing department within a large product- or service-based company. I realize that there is marketing within every industry imaginable, but I want to be more than just a part of “that marketing team over in the corner that makes pretty presentations and fliers.”

I also don’t want to be constantly begging other departments to see value in marketing for the company. I want companies and people to WANT to come to me for help. I loving the feeling of being an expert in something and having people come to me for advice. For example, I love watching college basketball and have loved doing so for as long as I can remember. One of my favorite parts of the sport is teaching others about all aspects of the game, from the rules, for those who have no idea what a free throw line is, to fun things, like random facts about the players. I hope to utilize my passions in life–including marketing–to help explain to others the values in them.

Last summer, I was able to learn more about myself after taking Tom Rath’s Strengths Finder test. My top 5 strengths are:

After looking over the descriptions of my top strengths, it was crazy to see how spot-on the test results were.

Since I’m not that person who has always wanted to work for company X all my life, I know that I need to continuously figure out what I want to do by crossing the things I 100% know that I don’t want to do off my list. It has been a long journey towards finding my dream career, but I hope that this blog helps me reach that goal.


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