Class Project: Creative Pitch for Cuties California Mandarins

cutieslogoFor our second group project this semester (here is the link to my blog post on our first one), we presented our Creative Pitch for Cuties California Mandarins. We were tasked with the role of the creative team within an advertising agency. What made this difficult was the fact that, like the real world, we had to develop our pitch based on one of the other group’s brief idea from earlier on in the semester. To supplement their brief presentation, we worked with that team and got some further insights about the brand and the direction they wanted us to take the creative pitch in.

Target Market:

Our primary target market is Alex, a popular fourth grader who is often the center of attention. He tends to grab a snack right after school and while gaming online with his friends before soccer practice. Alex is the life of lunchtime and kids naturally gravitate towards him because he is a class clown. He routinely has the best lunches and kids always ask him to trade their food with his.

Our secondary target market is mothers who pack their children’s lunches. We wanted to make sure that our ads appeal to this market because they will most likely be purchasing the Cuties.

Big Idea #1:  “Children need to beg their moms to get Cuties at the store.”

  • Cuties are a fruit that kids actually ask their moms to buy
  • We want Cuties to be the item that kids sneak into the grocery cart at the store
  • To be used in a mom’s magazine like Women’s Health or something that will reach our health-conscious moms who want the best school lunches for their kidsIt's on their listBig Idea #2:  “Cuties don’t take the time out of playtime.”
    • Insight: being stuck at the lunch table finishing snacks is like being picked last for the dodge ball team
    • Can be used in multiple media: billboards, kids magazines like Nickelodeon and mom’s magazines like Real SimpleDon't get left at the lunch tableBig Idea #3: “End the war on fruit.”
    • After completing a “day in the life” exercise for Alex, we realized the daily struggle of Alex and his mom regarding what to put in his lunch
    • “If I have to eat fruit, I want it to be Cuties”
    • Advertisement idea:
    1. We created a story board that we presented to our class that can be used as a commercial during morning cartoons that Alex would typically watch
    2. This commercial idea is very expandable: can be used as a banner ad and various media
    3. Creates an emotional connection for both of our targets

    Here is an attachment of our story board script: Cuties Commercial Script

Over all these projects were such a valuable learning experience. Before taking this class I had no idea what the advertising process was like and I now believe that I have a firm grasp on both the planning and creative teams roles’. After our presentations, our class voted on a wining creative pitch and our group won!


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