Bud Light Relates to the Superstitious NFL Fan


You can ask any of my close friends about my Hokie football game day rituals, they may be a bit extreme, but I’m convinced they have helped our team win games over the past four years. It all starts with splitting a Cherry Coke Zero with one of my roommates before leaving our apartment, putting on my knee-high orange and maroon socks as well as lucky game day underwear, wearing my Nike wrist band – with the swoosh pointing away from me, and attaching my key-play key-chain to my uniform.


So after seeing this Bud Light commercial a few days ago, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I could relate to it. With the tagline “it’s only weird if it doesn’t work”, the commercial shows superstitious fans crossing their fingers and rolling their thumbs, sporting their lucky jersey’s and socks, and lining up beer cans in the shape of their team’s logo.

Bud Light is this year’s official sponsor of the NFL and will be buying an average of two TV commercial spots for each game shown on major networks throughout the season. The Ad Agency Translation is using Stevie Wonder’s 1972 hit “Superstitious” to highlight Bud Light’s “Year of the Fan” marketing strategy.

I’ve already hinted in the relatability to their target market but what makes this idea extraordinary is the fact that they nailed the key insight right on the nose. While other beer sponsors have used high profile players in their advertising executions, Bud Light and Translation Ad Agency have figured out how to capture the attention of your average sports fan.

Bud Light


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