Speaker Series: Kelly Fisher, Got Milk? Campaign

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners:

The advertising agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners is in charge of the Got Milk? account. Some of their other clients include Frito-Lay, Nintendo, the National Basketball Association, and Chevrolet. The agency’s mission has always been “to change minds through the creation of experiences that are moving, humorous, beautiful and respectful.”

About the Got Milk? Campaign:

California milk sales had been declining for years- the state per capita consumption in 1980 was 29 gallons and fell to 23 gallons in 1993. The current marketing programs weren’t working and California milk processors had realized that they couldn’t rely on increasing population for sales. So out of desperation, the Got Milk? Campaign was born. “The National Milk Mustache “got milk?” Campaign is one of the most recognized and respected advertising campaigns, having earned a place in advertising history. As the “umbrella” campaign for print, radio and TV advertising, as well as public relations, promotions and other initiatives, the “got milk?” message is one that’s on everyone’s lips across the U.S. Since its inception, this fun and compelling message has helped boost awareness of the nutritional aspects of milk, and was the impetus to expand the availability of milk to more consumers than ever before.” http://www.milkdelivers.org/got-milk-campaign/

Questions for Kelly:

    1. How did you guys come up with the slogan “Got Milk?”
    2. What has been your favorite Got Milk campaign to work on?
    3. What advice do you have for college students, like us, who are getting ready to graduate?

Information taken from:

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    2. http://www.milkdelivers.org/got-milk-campaign/
    3. http://www.asaecenter.org/Resources/ANowDetail.cfm?ItemNumber=18644

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