Class Project: Creative Brief for Uniqlo

For my Advertising class this semester we have two semester-long group projects where we acted as an advertising agency. My group mates Peter Grove, Blake Maraoui, Katie Rena Maiden, Jen Nguyen and I started out by coming up with an agency name for ourselves. After hours of brainstorming and using techniques such as:

  • Agreeing on one central concept to communicate
  • Mind mapping words from that concept
  • Looking into how those words sound/feel together
  • And testing it for intrinsic value

We finally came up with the name “Playtology” based off a combination of both the philosopher, since the five of us are all natural “thinkers”, and the children’s toy, since we want the tone of our agency to be youthful and fun.

Once we had established ourselves as an advertising agency it was then time to begin the Creative Brief process. We were assigned the company Uniqlo which is one of the top clothing retailers in Japan, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, and many more. We worked for weeks researching the company to write and ultimately present our brief to our class.  Here is our final product:

Uniqlo Creative Brief

Background/Problem: Uniqlo has applied their “Clothing for All” philosophy in an effort to penetrate the American market, but with very low awareness among consumers this focus is too broad and draws interest from very few since consumers have a hard time understanding who the brand is meant for. With over 500 total items and up to 25 color options, there are thousands of possible outfits.

Advertising Objective: Reignite the consumer’s interest in expressing their own personality through their clothing.

Insight: Certain personalities are attached to brands such as Polo, Nike, and Ed Hardy, and seeing someone in one of these brands usually says something about the person wearing it. Instead of living behind a brand’s pre-established personality, you have the freedom to promote your own.

Target: People who consider themselves creative and unique and want to showcase it in their own distinct way.

Proposition: Be your own brand.

We were all very proud of the work that we put into the brief. Having to actually create a finished product forced each of us to work through the steps of a typical creative brief similar to that of an actual advertising agency. I think that I can speak for our group to say that we all learned a lot and are very excited to move on to the Creative Pitch for Cuties California Mandarins. Stay tuned for my post on that later in the semester!


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