Geico Advertising Funds VA Rest Areas

This past weekend I drove with some friends up to FedEx Field in Landover, MD to watch the Hokies play football against the University of Cincinnati. Well, it was a heartbreaking loss in the final seconds of the game but on our 5+ hour drive up and back, I noticed something along the side of I-81: rest areas sponsored by Geico. We’ve all seen the TV commercials with the car insurance company’s branded gecko, but we can now see the little green lizard’s face plastered on road signs at Virginia’s 43 Interstate rest stops.

I have found that this advertising campaign’s target audience are Virginia Interstate drivers and the objective is to lessen their cell phone usage while driving. The thing is, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell initiated this campaign primarily because it allows Geico to cover a large chunk of the operating costs of road side stops- which I can definitely see some people complaining about.

I’m all for this advertising campaign however, since it funds VA rest areas and allows them to operate smoothly on Geico’s dime. The few years when all of our state’s rest areas were shut down to save money was definitly annoying and if a few Geico signs allow them to run smoothly, then why not have advertising at rest areas?!

Image and article can be found here


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