Speaker Series: Steve Grant, Head of Strategy, Modea

Steve Grant is the Head of Strategy for the digital advertising agency Modea, located in Blacksburg Virginia. He has been with the agency for just under a year and worked for Droga5 in NYC previously where he worked as Planning Director.

It’s unusual to have an advertising agency in such a small town as Blacksburg. Modea’s creators are Virginia Tech grads (hey, that’ll be me in a few months!) and thought it would be a great community to start an agency. Grant’s LinkedIn profile says “We produce breakout strategy and creative with digital at the core – all from the Paris of the Appalachians, Blacksburg, Virginia.” Having lived in this town for the past three- going on four years- it’s amazing to see such great things come out of here.

Modea’s homepage states, “Our secret recipe: We take brand builders who love technology and technologists who love brands, throw them into a blender, mix well, and pour out Modea. This infusion propels our creativity and naturally fosters connections with our clients’ consumers.” It seems like such a great company to work for.

Some questions that I have for him are:

  • What was it like moving to Blacksburg from NYC?
  • What is a typical day like for you?
  • I read that Modea recently won AdAge’s Small Agency of the Year, Best Culture Award. What are some fun things the company does to create that sort of atmosphere?

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